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How it Works

The Preferred Purchase Program streamlines the purchasing process. The Program is designed allow governmental agencies (state, city, county, political sub-divisions and the NV System of Higher Education) the opportunity to bypass the competitive bid process and negotiate directly with a registered Community Training Center (CTC) on a fair market price for high quality goods and services. The Program is authorized by NRS 332.117, NRS 333.375 and NRS 334.025 for the purpose of expanding employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

The Purchasing Division works closely with Preferred Purchase Program participants to identify appropriate products or services. The Division then develops and markets “State Use Contracts” for use by governmental agencies. The Division provides technical assistance and quality assurance, as needed, to the CTC and the customer.

The CTCs provide instruction and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. In Nevada, the individual CTCs are responsible for the overall management of their contracts. The CTCs employ qualified supervisors who train and monitor workers to ensure quality and timely service.